I love garage sales...

I seriously love garage sales. I'm not afraid to buy secondhand, but I would prefer to buy from a garage sale rather than a second hand store or kijiji. I just like being able to see the people and talk to them when I'm buying their stuff.

My best garage sale finds include:
- our $30 couch. The nice family even delivered it to our house!
- a $10 bumbo, tray included!
- kids books (including cloth books and water books) that are great quality
- kids clothes for $1/piece (mostly Gap Baby)

I can usually tell if a garage sale is going to be good by just quickly driving by. I usually don't get out of the car unless I can see from the road that there's lots of good stuff.

My favourite garage sales include:
- good quality books for cheap (kids or adult), I will usually only pay $0.25 or $.50 per book
- DVDs that aren't scratched, this is harder to find since most people sell VHS (blah, useless!)
- kids clothes, but they can't be stained, faded or ripped
- neat or unique knick knacks for the home, but they have to be really cool and fit in with my house
- furnite, again really hard and rare to find something I'd want
- kids toys, although I find most stuff is outdated or dirty

The best garage sales have:
- clear signs to the house that aren't misleading
- lots of stuff to look through
-  well organized and not cluttered
- clothes are not a mess in a bin, but nicely displayed by size
- prices on everything/ signs with prices
- low prices (biggest pet peeve is when people sell used stuff for new stuff prices!)
- good quality products
- not outdated (no I don't want your dollhouse from the 80's)

Today we hit the garage sale jackpot. A lady with a little girl was selling all her baby girl clothes. I bought about 30 pieces for $27. Most of the stuff was Baby Gap. I also got a pair of brand new Robeez for $1 (another garage sale was selling dirty Robeez for $15) I literally was jumping out of the car before it stopped I was so excited.

Here's my loot, it's hard to see but there's LOTS of cute stuff for Penelope. Mostly 18 - 24 months.

What's your favourite garage sale find?


  1. Awesome haul! It is all recent stuff too, like 2008/2009. I am shocked, around here all you find is old, gross stuff at garage sales; people throw out nicer things.

  2. I love a good yard sale! I do consignment sales for ALL of Josie and Gabes clothes. I get heart papalpatations waiting in line for the doors to open!


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