Introducing the Passion Posts Series

For the past few months I've been working "behind-the-scenes" with some wonderful women on a new summer series. I'll be taking a month off from regular blogging, while some brilliant and kind-hearted women will be talking about their passion on This Rookie Wife.

There will be a very broad range of topics covered over the next month, and I can't wait for you to "meet" and hear from my friends. Some of the women being featured have blogs of their own, and some are just excited about sharing their passion, some of these women know me personally, and many of them are friends that I've met through this blog.

One of my main goals in hosting this series is to get us talking. Blogging can be incredibly one-sided, but if I wanted to write in a journal I'd have a notebook on my bedside table. I love comments. I love e-mails. I love hearing from people who've read my blogs and discussing the issues covered. I love the friendships that have been formed with women, some down the street, some an ocean away.

I hope that through this series new friendships will be formed. I hope that women will be encouraged. I hope that passions will be renewed, and perhaps new passions discovered.

See you Monday for the first Passion Post!

PS: If you have a Passion, it's not to late to join us for this series. E-mail me and thisrookiewife@gmail.com and we can discuss details!

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  1. Thats exciting! I love This Rookie Wife and Im sure there will be amazing woman and posts to come! But, why are you taking a "break"? I hope all is well!! xxxx


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