The Obsession with Post-Baby Bodies

What is it with our culture and the obsession with post-baby bodies? It seems that the media is covering the topic of new mom bodies in excess lately. Maybe it's just me and I'm noticing it because I can relate, but I'm starting to get really ticked-off with the incessant obsession with the question, "how much weight can you lose and how quickly post-baby?"

I have felt a bit of a kindred spirit with Jessica Simpson in particular. I remember when she was pregnant and everybody called her fat, said she was having twins, was going to give birth to a full-grown child, and commented that she'd been pregnant "forever". I could relate to all of these comments since I had received the same comments myself.

Now that she's had her baby (who was almost 10-pounds, so give the woman a break!) People seem to be obsessed with her post-baby body.

I've never been stick-thin, and never will be. When I was pregnant I gained 55-pounds. That's right: I'm coming out of the "obsesely pregnant" closet. I was huge according to most people. I seriously just couldn't stop eating, and I felt confused and hated myself and my body because of it. I had dreams of never losing the weight, and would sometimes be in a panic over my weight gain. I also had the most horrendous reddish/purple stretch marks. All my nurses and midwives commented that they were really bad, and I panicked again!

Now that I'm 8-weeks postpartum I've spent nearly 2-months slowly getting back to the "old me". I haven't given myself a timeline to lose the baby weight, because I know this postpartum period is different for everybody. I try to ignore the magazines that scream at me from the check-out line..LOSE THE WEIGHT, FAST, FASTER...EVEN FASTER. I just want to enjoy this time with Penelope and grow as her mom first. I'm still about 10-pounds heavier, but I know that I'll lose it when I'm ready and I'm really in no hurry.

Did you feel pressure to lose the baby-weight quickly? How did you approach weight loss in the postpartum period?


  1. oh hun, magazines are probably the worst place to get any sort of advice, so why be surprised when they're saying silly things about postpartum bodies?

    movie stars NEED to loose their weight fast or they'll never get a job in Hollywood again. The standards they face are so hard and high, so of course they have that pressure (and they signed up for it, I'd argue), but WE DON'T.

    it takes a long time to loose baby weight the natural way (letting your body do it's thing and exercise and eat only how you did pre-baby, no more or less), don't feel the pressure. With Oli it also took me a couple months more than with Lily. Not a big surprise since my body had done it all a second time and was getting exhausted by the whole ordeal no doubt.

    I didn't feel the pressure from anyone but I was eager to fit into my clothes again, simply because I was sick of wearing the same few outfits over and over again. Funny, 8 months later, I've had to buy all new bras because my breasts shrunk TWO CUP SIZES! not the weight loss I was hoping for lol.

  2. Brianna, don't let the media tell you different than what you know better yourself! They are ALWAYS trying to shove unrealistic expectations down our throat - they tell you what you should look like so that you indulge in consumerism.. buying this and that to help you become something you are not. I hope you feel better about it all SOON! Your baby is such a precious gift that a little weight gain is a small price to pay! very very small. Especially if its only 10 pounds =) Media and everyone concerned with pregnant women's weight are just very jealous that they don't have a baby so they just concern themselves with something so trivial as post-baby weight. p.s. I feel so terrible about what they did to Jessica Simpson. It really has made me very sad =( she never deserved it.


  3. I know what you mean about the media. Most celebs are not the normal. They have personal chefs, trainers, etc. I have 5 kids ranging in age from 9-2 years (in there is a set of twins) and I gained 50 lbs with most of my pregnancies. I already had weight to lose. Especially as new mom, you have so many things to focus on. Take your time, make small changes and you will lose the weight. The most important thing is being there for your baby :-) The weight will come off, it just takes time. Remember, it took 9 months to put the weight on. Hang in there!



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