Penelope Is Two Months!

My little Penelope is two-months-old today! We're going to try to do a little photo shoot with her each month to show her growth.
our first photo shoot at one-month
today at two-months
my sweet happy baby
Penelope and her friend Elli 
Penelope has a really fun personality. Here are some new things we're learning about our baby girl.

- She loves to laugh, giggle, smile big, and talk. She coo's a lot and imitates the sounds that we make.
- She doesn't cry often, but when she does...watch out! She's a big screamer and won't stop until she gets what she wants (usually food!)
- She just loves the water. She is so happy and content taking a bath, and usually just relaxes and enjoys herself the entire time. She also gets pretty mad when we take her out!
- She loves snuggling and usually isn't too picky about who snuggles her. She doesn't seem too aggravated by strangers, but if there's too many people she does like to be with someone she knows.
- She is a very active girl (something I already knew during my pregnancy!) She kicks and squirms a lot, especially when she's excited!
- She enjoys swinging in her swing and watching her friends (the mobile)
- She loves looking at herself in the mirror and almost always smiles and laughs while being changed.
- She's a social baby and loves to talk to us and be entertained.
- She is starting to learn how to suck her thumb, but usually just sucks hand. It's pretty adorable and really noisey!

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