When is the best season to have a baby?

When I found out that I was pregnant and due in May I was ecstatic. I love the month of May. It just sounds fresh and exciting and full of new beginning. I also thought that having a baby in the spring was an ideal time.

the positives of having a baby in the spring:
- I wasn't pregnant at all in the summer (I was pregnant from September - May)
- I didn't have to worry about bringing my baby home in the freezing cold, or the sweltering heat (it was a nice mild day outside when she came home on May 17th)
- She won't be a newborn during flu season, therefore the risk of getting the flu as a newborn is greatly decreased.
- baby clothes are easier (no having to worry about a big snowsuit/winter jacket for my newborn is a bonus!)
- a birthday in May is awesome. It will likely be warm enough for an outdoor birthday party, but Penny will still be in school for her birthday so she'll still be with her friends.
- I could have the whole summer to enjoy her, bring her outside, go for nice walks, and not go stir-crazy in my house.

Oh yeah, about that last point... not true at all! I feel like I'm missing out on an entire summer of my life because I've been trapped inside my house for two-months. It's a really hot summer this year, and many times it's just way too hot to take a little baby outside. I've also been sick for nearly a month with food poisoning (yes, still sick!) It's been hard looking longingly outside, wishing that I could go to the beach, or swim in a pool somewhere.

So, when is the best season to have a baby? I still think there's some compelling reasons for having a baby in the Spring, but I do admit that I'd rather be trapped in my house in the Winter and enjoy the summer with an older baby.


  1. I never thought about some of those points (the having to buy snowsuit for newborn is a down side for my due date) but I am so thankful I am pregnant mostly during Fall and Winter so I wont be crazy uncomfortable!

    1. Bre, eveyr Goodwill or Salvation Army has baby snowsuits and they're never ever more than $10. We have owned 7 ALREADY because our kids would change sizes mid winter often! but it never cost us much, so thats something to keep in mind. don't buy them new, your baby will only wear it like 5 times!

  2. :) We do not have to worry about a freezing cold weather over here but still they were some nice points! Its always very hot where I live so I should actually consider some of your tips...
    By the way, she looks adorable. What a cute little girl.

    PS: Perhaps you should write your blog's name closer to her face Bri... Anyone can cut the photo and use only her face. I know that sounds paranoic, but if your aim is to protect her its better if you actually mark it a little bit closer to her cheeks for example!
    She is soooo hairy, eh?!

  3. there isn't one!

    but my main issue isn't what's easiest for baby but what's easiest for mama. I hated being pregnant in the summers because I was hot, but then again it's the easiest season for clothing (ESPECIALLY maternity clothing). I would throw on a sun dress (usually not even a maternity one since my style pre-baby was already billowy dresses) and go outside to get fresh air. In the winter you have to buy maternity jeans, sweaters, maybe even a winter coat! So i had a cute and very cheap maternity wardrobe since I was in my 3rd trimester (and part of my 2nd) in warm weather. I was never big in the winter fo reither pregnancy because I was always in my 1st trimester and not showing yet.

    So summer was easiest to be huge and to dress and go outside. But being in my 1st trimester in the winter I think multiplied the sickness feeling I was already experiencing in my 1st trimester. You know how barfy and sleepy you are? Now add that the sun doesn't rise til 8am and sets at 4pm, and that you already don't want to leave the house because it's so cold (and we didn't have a car). yuck.

    so there are pluses and minuses to each. i mostly liked not bringing either baby home to sweltering heat (so I don't think I'd want a spring or summer birth) because we didn't have a car OR air conditioning so it would be hot everywhere you turned which concerns me a lot even now with my kids.

  4. I had Levi in Feb. and thought it was great!! Being pregnant in winter was fine and now that it's summer he is old enough (5 months) to enjoy the weather and beach. Plus, I found it took me a couple of months to lose most of the baby weight (still waiting on those last 10 pds), and just knowing myself - I probably wouldn't be comfortable in a swimsuit or shorts with a lot of extra weight.

    When I was pregnant i was ALWAYS hot - so it being winter helped. And we never bought a snowsuit for Levi, just lots of blankets and snugglie sleepers.

    On another note, try to keep your spirits up Bri... it's really hard to not feel good and be immobile with a baby. I know how you feel, being in a hospital in Florida was brutal and we had some great weather in April that I was stuck in the house for without being able to walk. It seems so torturous now - but I promise that down the road those weeks will seem so short. I am glad my dad told me that when I was dealing with a blood clot. It really helped me just try to make the best of it and enjoy Levi. Now that I look back on that time, it still sucked, but I don't have to think back and wish that I had been happier, etc. And my mom kept reminding me - the baby won't remember!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!


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