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Apartment hunting is a serious adventure, especially when your budget is low and the apartments in your area are insanely high. Last year, less than a month before our wedding, we were apartment hunting in the Hamilton area. It was a very stressful time because we had to find something, fast. Here's a glimpse into the "homes" we looked at.

>> a one-bedroom apartment attached to a sketchy gas station. Daniel thought it was pretty great because it had a skylight. I thought it was pretty awful. When Dan realized there was a basement he eagerly bounded down the stairs, only to discover that the basement was flooded and he was standing in knee-deep water. I've never seen my husband so mad!

>> a no-bedroom apartment (aka bachelor pad) in some lady's basement. The lady called Daniel "Mr. Bell" and kept hitting on him. She even told her daughter, "don't worry, I won't go home with Mr. Bell, he already has a wife." Creepy. She also told us there were mice in the kitchen cupboards. Um, NO THANKS!

>> a massive two-bedroom basement apartment way over our budget. It was way too big for our needs but we really wanted it anyway. Luckily, the guy never called us back.

>> In the end, we were accepted into our 1-bedroom apartment at Redeemer only 2-weeks before the wedding. It was close. At first I thought it was horribly small and cramped, but once we moved our furniture in the apartment I ended up loving that little place. It was an amazing (and very cheap) first home!

Now, we're starting the process again. I'd like to spend our second Christmas (and first Christmas with the baby) in our own place. I was to set-up our little tiny tree and make funny home-made decorations like last year. I know it's only August, but it's good for us to start looking and seeing what is out there now.

Today we checked out a place in Aldershot. The location was great, and the outside looked very promising. It was attached to a very swanky looking spa, and we had access to our very own patio. The moment I walked in I knew it was a definite HECK, NO! The apartment was advertised as a 1-bedroom, but it was clearly a bachelor. For some weird reason it had the most amazing, fancy bathroom I have ever seen. But unless I wanted to spend my entire day in the bathroom, I would have hated living there. Oh, and for this bachelor they were charging $900/month. That is some serious cash for a dingy little place!

We have three more appointment in the next two-weeks for three VERY different apartments (a 1, 2, and 3-bedroom!) I'll let ya'll know how it goes!

Do you have any funny experiences of apartment hunting?
Penelope and I at our first apartment

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  1. Oh yes, I do have funny experiences/issues/problems. And I freak out to just to think of it... :S We ve been house/apartment hunting since January this year, and it seems like nothing fits our financial situation. If the place where it is located is fine, then its way too expensive. If its fine + enough space ( 1 or 2 bedroom ) + not so expensive, then you no chance to divide the price, you can only pay the total amount. We have subscribed for "popular" houses from the government but they actually call first those family who have children or are pregnant. Then the elderly...and then the other families. :/ I am struggling with that issue. And we cant even find a nice place to rent for less than R$ 500,00. We cant pay more than that for a place which will not be "ours" forever. Yeah, it is NOT easy, and as a teen I would never guess how much adult life sucks at some times...but its still good to know that we can laugh about it all in the future... :)
    By the way, I remember that very post of yours and it feels like YESTERDAY! And little penny is already 3 months old!!!!


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