Brianna's Passion Post: Swapping Lives


If you could compare me now, to me five years ago, you would think that someone else had been swapped into my body and was now living my life. I am a living and breathing Freaky Friday movie, except I'm not a movie and I'm not different just on Fridays.

My passion is my transformation, which was only made possible by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit within me. My passion is to see other girls, living the life that I lived, utterly transformed and renewed. My passion is to encourage girls that are already seeking a pure heart to continue this, to tell them that their pursuit is not in vain. My passion is to raise daughters that are different, daughters that don't long for the attention of men, but that find validation in Christ and seek Him first.

My passion is also about forgiveness. That no matter how many times you've desecrated your temple, you will be forgiven if you ask the Lord, and you will be transformed into someone completely unrecognizable.

I'm not into sharing the gory details of my past, because I don't think that's what's important. I am into sharing that I am a changed woman. I'm into sharing the fact that God has completely renewed me, and restored my relationship with Him. I'm into giving God all of the glory.

Having a sexual history isn't something that is ever not part of your life. It's written into my life story, and I know that I must choose to use my life story to encourage others.

>> Sometimes I feel shame, and I know that's not from God, but it's something I still deal with at times. Sometimes I deal with nightmares and awful visions, and that's something that I surrender to God and pray over continually.
>> Sometimes I deal with Satan, pointing his finger at me, trying to remind me of what I did. But I know I can cover those images with the blood of Christ, because all is forgiven in Him.
>> Sometimes I fear sharing my story. What will people think of me? Will my daughters judge me, or use my actions to excuse their own?

I know that Christ has redeemed me, and although sometimes I struggle with this, I always come back to the cross and am reminded that through him all is possible. all is forgiven. lives are changed. broken women are made whole. marriages are restored. I am free.

So, what's my passion? Talking to women like you, whether you're pursuing righteousness or struggling with sexual sin. My passion is sharing my story with you, and hearing yours.

E-mail me at thisrookiewife@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. It is so amazing to hear everything God has done in your life! I did not know you before, nor have I met you face to face yet, but I know that just through the talks we have had- God is working big in you and your little family!

    And I will say from many people- thank you for being so honest about everything (for those of us who grew up in a Christian home... we often get caught in this- we know God will forgive but we grew up having to almost lie about our faults)

  2. Yes, thank you for all you share to encourage us, and to point us towards Christ.


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