Hey Everybody, We're Moving!

Remember when I recently wrote a blog about the misadventures of house hunting?

I thought that we were in for a really, really extensive house hunt.
I thought that we'd never find a house within our price range.
I thought we'd have to move to an "undesirable" location.
I thought we'd be stuck in an outdated and cramped apartment.

I thought, I thought, I thought.

WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOME (as of October 1st)

I've kept a little list in my head of things I'd really like in an apartment. I've prayed for this, asking God that if it's his Will, that maybe even one of these luxuries would be afforded to me.

For a dishwasher. Check.
For a laundry room. Check.
For a two bedroom. Check.
For a newer apartment. Check.
For a house within walking distance to shops. Check.
For a house within walking distance to a libary. Check (1K away!)

Seriously, our new apartment has everything and more.

Sneak Preview...

To add to this excitement, Suhita from Sketch Away sent me this beautiful Watercolour Sketch.

Suhita's artwork is seriously amazing. Suhita sketches mostly from her travels. Her sketches bring to life some places in our world that may be overlooked. She is a truly inspirational artist. I like being able to speak with and collaborate with creative and artistic people, because even though my art is written with words and not bold colours, I feel a sort of kindred spirit with my fellow right-brained friends.

I think that Suhita's beautiful artwork would look wonderful above my new fireplace mantle, what do you think? Oh, and having a fireplace isn't something I even dared to pray for, but sometimes God just likes to surprise us!

Check out more of Suhita's work here
Read a really interesting interview with Suhita here

disclaimer: I received the ferris wheel print for free, but know that this post reflects my honest opinion of the product!


  1. Cant wait to move in with you guys bri!!!!!!


  2. your new place is LOVELY. love the spiraled staircase outside and the stone pathway. happy for you guys :)

  3. What a cute place, Bri! :) You deserve it. So happy you find a place the way you were looking for!!

  4. Aww. :) Well, your search proves that patience and effort does pay off in the end. Congratulations! I could see just from the staircase that you made a good deal worthy of your effort. I hope you update us with all your rooms, too. I’m curious how good your entire house looks like! ;)

    Ericka Muldowney


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