I miss you, husband

Remember when you first found the love of your life and it was like, every moment away from them physically hurt?

Was I the only hopeless romantic that lay awake at night missing my true love?

Daniel left this morning until Thursday for Darien Lake with his youth group. It's going to be a lot of fun and I'm so glad he gets this opportunity.

But, why do I feel like it's three years ago and I'm missing my newfound love?

We have never been apart more than three days, and two nights. Not even as a dating couple (I know, crazy). This week we're away five days and four nights. Ouch. That hurts my heart a bit.

We are just the kinds-o people that love to be together. We don't really like being apart, ever.

It's 10:00pm and I've already shed a couple tears because I just miss him. I miss when he tickles me even though I hate it. I miss when he kisses his girls goodnight. I miss when he totally hogs the bed and I'm always so sweaty and hot and just want the bed to myself. It's no fun when you're actually by yourself and the bed is actually cool.

It's boring without you Daniel. I know, I know, I sound like a suck. I'm just a girl that's in love with her husband and totally missing him after less than 24-hours apart.

Pray for me okay? It's gonna be a tough week.


  1. While I don't have a husband, this year I've learned how hard it is to be away from your loved ones. I've been living away from my family for almost a year now, and gone in the longest stretches 6 weeks without having a visit with them. Its very difficult to cope being away from the people who love and care most about you. I wish I could tell you it gets easier, and perhaps it does a little bit, but mostly it doesn't. Just do your best to get through. The best thing to do is occupy your time as much as possible. Long stretches of doing nothing make the time drag, and leave you with time to think about how much you miss him, and I find this is when the tears come. I imagine Penelope keeps you pretty occupied, so just enjoy the mommy-daughter time with her and soon enough Daniel will be home. Best of luck with this week, its no fun but you can make the best of it.

  2. I can totally relate to you. My boyfriend Greg and I see each other a lot and when we're apart we are such sucks haha. The longest we've been apart is 5 days. He's going on a missions trip for 10 days at the end of this week and Ive already cried....twice lol. You're not alone - will pray for you!

  3. Bri, you are not alone. I just got back from my boyfriend's place and next day we will get to see each other again will be on the....

    THE 24TH, this month!
    Yeah, you all read it right. See? When we think it can't get worse, it does! ( Im also a half-empty kinda gal. I dont see any good on it ;/ Although I DO have to work on that patience thing... :( )

  4. Hi Brianna,
    You are not a suck at all! I think it would actually be sad if you DIDNT miss him. George is leaving for Italy at the end of august and will be gone for 10 days. Like you guys, we haven't been apart for more than 3 days since we started dating 4 years ago so I know that I will be an absolute mess. Praying that the days go by really quickly!

  5. I love you and miss you! We're having a family date when i get home, and you can tell me all boit your adventures with Penelope and I will just listen because i will probably lose my voice!

  6. "absense makes the heart grow fonder"

    It's true, Wes and I did the long distance relationship thing (well 45 minutes but for years nether of us had a car or lisense which made it further. But when you see each other it is so much better and you really come to be thankful for the time you have together:)

  7. thanks everybody for your comments!! they all encouraged me!! he's almost home!! tomorrow afternoon! :)


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