It's Not a Popularity Contest

Blogging is not a popularity contest.
Wait, that's not right. It is a popularity contest. But it shouldn't be.

Yesterday I was featured on Rage Against the Minivan. My all-time favourite blog.
I can't even explain to you how excited I felt to see my words on Kristen's blog. It felt amazing and I was all giddy and excited, and pretty nervous too.

That same day, Jami at from the Nato's writes this blog. It was like an arrow straight to the heart.

I get super excited when people write encouraging comments on my blog posts.
I get super discouraged and sometimes even fume over unkind or hurtful comments, sometimes all. day. long.
I check my blog stats multiple times a day and feel like I'm "wasting my time" when my stats are low, and totally "rocking it" when I have lots of traffic.

Writing is pretty important to me. I know that God has gifted me with a talent for writing, and I know that he wants me to use it for his glory. It's not wrong for me to say that I like writing and it's something I enjoy pursuing, I should pursue this gift.

But, when my emotions are tied to the words I write, and when my day is influenced by what other people think, there is something wrong here.

When I'm worried about how people will feel when I write a certain post, or wonder what topic I can write about to drive more traffice, there is something wrong here.

The truth is, I need to be seeking God and asking him what he wants me to write about. Yesterday I shared a personal story about my past. I didn't want to, but I felt God was telling me to. I've always said I would be open about my past, but not specific. Who knows, maybe God wants me to share the specifics to help others? I'm still not sure, but I want to write about what he wants me to.

Please know, I'm also not saying that it's wrong to host giveaways, or post fun pictures, or earn an income from your blog. This is all great stuff. I just don't want my heartstrings to be wrapped so tightly around these 0's and 1's. I just want to glorify Him, and if you're along for the ride, that's just an added bonus.


  1. I can relate to those feelings. For me, it's a lot of insecurity, and I end up tying my worth to feedback from other people, guaging if I'm "good enough" or not. It's definitely something that I battle against, all the time.

    1. Thanks Crystal for the comment, I agree it's for sure insecurity on my part too!! :)
      PS: great blog by the way, added it to my bloglovin list! :)

  2. boom. :) great post.

    but you know what, it starts right there. recognizing the sin and repenting. asking for God to come in and take the place of getting the approval of others. he is so faiful...it may take a while, but keep your eyes on God who can deeply satisfy your needs.


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