Let Me Count The Ways

Today I'm linking up with Bohemian Bowman's, and counting the ways that my husband is awesome.

1. He's Not Stressed: Man o Man, and I ever stressed lately. He's not. He's calm, cool, and collected, and he's a shining example of someone who trusts in the Lord in all things. I love that my husband does not freak out or stress over every tiny little itty-bitty thing. I need to learn from him.

2. He Doesn't Complain: My husband is not a complainer. He's almost always happy, upbeat, and very fun to be around. Nobody likes to be in the company of a complainer, but everybody likes to be around my hubby.

3. He Encourages Me: Every morning he reads his Bible. This may seem like a little and insignificant detail of his life, but it's not to me. He encourages me by leading by example. He gently nudges me towards my Bible when I haven't read it in a couple of days. He pays attention to my spirituality, and that's awesome.

4. He Loves Penelope: Lots of people ask me, "is your husband good with the baby." Or, if I'm out by myself, "where is your baby??" It's like it's unheard of for a husband to take care of his own child by himself for an hour. Daniel has always been there for Penelope and is great with her. He changes diapers, bathes her, cuddles her, soothes her, and even sometimes feeds her. It's a blessing to me to watch Daniel with his daughter.

5. He's Fun: I think all husbands can drive their wives crazy, but sometimes my husband can really drive me crazy. I have to remind myself that it's okay to have fun and joke around! Husbands and wives should be playful and enjoy spending time together. Daniel reminds me of that every day with his energy and playfulness.

this is a picture my husband created.
Totally wacky -- totally him!

Now it's your turn, tell me how wonderful your beau is!


  1. Those really are awesome things!

  2. Awesome! God bless all three of you!

  3. That picture cracked me up! And, I hear you on the stress thing. If my husband stressed out like I did, no one would ever want to be around us, lol. Nice post :)


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