Making Memories on a Budget

Some days I feel guilty that we have a child but can't afford the best for her.
When I was pregnant I read a book about "organic" babies.
I was so overwhelmed. Apparently, plastic toys, cribs, baby furniture, soaps, and clothes are all toxic.
Apparently, you're supposed to buy organic and natural...everything.
We can barely afford the natural soap that we use on Penelope. Never mind an organic mattress!
I felt guilty about not living up to the organic baby book. But, who really lives like that any way?

Some days I also feel guilty that we can't afford to take Penelope to see the world.
There's lots of fun activities and places to go and explore, but they all cost money.
I love looking at old pictures of myself when I was young, doing fun things and exploring unique sights.
I want to give that to Penelope too. I want her to see fun pictures of herself and say, "I went here, I did that."
But, where are we going to get the money to make these memories for her, and for us as a family?

I'm learning lately that I need to stop thinking about what I can't do, and start doing what I can.
Today, I wanted to go on a fun adventure.
I priced out the cost of going on a train trip with her.
No way, too expensive.
Instead of getting discouraged, like I normally do, I decided that we'd have a fun day in Toronto.
We packed a lunch, and headed out to the Distillery District.

The Distillery District is truly a gem in Toronto.
We love going here, and although it was kind of sad not to eat at any of the trendy restaurants, we still had a lot of fun and didn't spend any money.
Check out some great shots we got.
Hopefully one day Penelope can look at these pictures and enjoy the memories we created today.

Ashley came with us! 

This is a $93,000 bed. No, I did not mis-type that. It was heavenly.
The sales-lady encouraged us to put Penny there and take a picture, just in case you're wondering!

This is a great cafe called Balzac's. We bought a scone. It was yummy and our only food purchase of the day!
What do you do to create memories on a budget?

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