Penelope's Room

I can be a really ungrateful person sometimes, I'm going to just put that out there. Sometimes I can be a "glass half empty" kinda gal. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's also something I can't ignore.

One thing I have really been sad about is that I couldn't create the nursery of my dreams for Penelope. First of all, we're living with my mom, and I feel like adding three people to her household is enough of an intrusion already. Penelope's bedroom is my old bedroom, and we really had to keep most things "as is".

During my third trimester when I was really wanting to nest, we were packing up boxes and getting ready to leave our first home. I remember looking longingly on Pinterest and just wishing I could bring Penelope home to her very own nursery.

Over the last couple of months I have slowly put things together in Penelope's Room. I stopped allowing myself to think of this room as temporary. I stopped allowing myself to covet other peoples circumstances. This is my life and I love it. Period. I found myself growing to love Penelope's Room. I try to keep it clean and organized, so whenever I walk in I kind of just feel myself relaxing. I sometimes just sit in my glider and look at this room, that now belongs to my daughter. It's neat seeing old things given new life.

Things that were once mine are now my little girls. It's kind of neat. When I was 9-years-old rummaging through my drawers, I never would have imagined doing the exact same thing with the exact same dresser for my own daughter. It's pretty amazing how things come full circle that way.

the view from the doorway

 Penelope's late-great-grandmother painted this in 1960, it's one of our favourite things in the room

Glider from kijiji ($40), beautiful blanket made by Pen's Nana
and a signed print by Trish Romance. The artist actually wrote a little note to me (it was signed in 1990)

beautiful signed print by Marley Ungaro. Hoping to add more prints from talented artists.

my childhood dresser


  1. Looks beautiful...a nursery is a place she sleeps whether temporary or not. Doing a great job!

  2. Very cute.. :) You could add some colors to the walls, eh? Like,pick one of them and it will look even better and girly.

  3. I totally understand the whole not having your own nursery thing-- we as well are living at my inlaws for a bit- and sometimes I find myself sad just thinking that the baby won't be able to have those "pinterest nurseries" (we plan to keep the crib in our room for the first little while)-- but we are so blessed to be given the space in our inlaws house

  4. p.s. the nursery you do have is so cute!


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