Tami's Passion Post: Our Stories Are Not About Us

Today is part one of a two-part post by my friend Tami. I have never met Tami, but I know that we'll chill one day in heaven. I first discovered Tami's blog on Mark Driscoll's wall. Tami actually attends Pastor Mark's Church (Mars Hill Church) in Seattle. She's a great encouragement to me, and I've really enjoyed watching her family grow from afar (she was preggers with her son Roger when I first discovered her, now she's preggers with #2, Juliet!) 

Tami with her husband, Jason, and son, Roger, last May at their gender reveal party.
It was a girl! Juliet Elise is 32 weeks and counting in the womb :)
A few months ago I attended a women’s training day through my church. First off, it was amazing. So much fruit came from just one day of sitting at Jesus’ feet and drawing nearer to him by hearing how he was at work in the lives of those he called to teach us. What really stuck with me, however, was Q&A time. One wise, godly woman named Jan taught on parenting and instead of walking into the pride trap that is, “Here’s how I was a bad mama but then here’s how I made myself better by working really hard and saying that it was because of Jesus,” she shared about how consistently she failed and only the grace of Jesus brought her through it.

[I could write an entire series of posts on that subject, but since brevity is not my strong point I’ll refrain from saying another word about it other than that, as a young mother myself, I was deeply blessed by the teaching and if ever they post it online I’ll send it to Brianna to share!]

So, during the Q&A time a woman had texted in a question about her sexual past and how to basically lie to her kids about it without actually lying to them. Wonderful Jan boldly said, in sum, “I will not endorse you lying to your children to clean up your past. It is a lie that you are protecting them; you are trying to protect you. Your story is not about you and it is not for you. It’s about Jesus and his great redemption.”

Oh, sister, that we would believe this! Sweet Brianna has taken a bold step in sharing parts of her story that are not easy to share, particularly her sexual past, here on this blog and in guest posts for others. I know this was done with much fear and trepidation on her part. I understand the struggle--wanting to glorify Jesus and not wanting to glorify the sin he has freed us from.

Sometimes, however, as is the case with the Q&A woman, we are ashamed of our past. We feel Jesus has set us free, so free that can’t we just forget about it? Certainly if we have a sexual history that looks nothing like God’s good plan for sex in marriage, can’t we at least not have to tell our children about it because, God forbid, what if they get ideas from our sin and then repeat our mistakes?

What if our children do repeat our sins? Is God no less good? And do we really, truly believe that God is our children’s first and best Father, or are we saying we love him, raising them in Jesus’ name and claiming we want his will all while actually trying to create perfect little creatures who never sin, never suffer, and never have to learn about Christ’s redemption first hand? Refusing to share the truth about our own past glorifies us in our efforts to protect our children actually robs our children of seeing Jesus’ redemption at work and whittles the gospel of grace, the cross, down to a toothpick.

But Jan spoke the truth to that Q&A mama, the capital G Gospel truth--our stories are not about us.

Part Two Coming Tomorrow...

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