A Ministry Update

I figure it's about time to give you a ministry update. First of all, my husband LOVES his job. I'm used to hearing groans in the morning. Now, I can barely keep him in the house long enough to eat breakfast, he's just that excited to go to work!

This month is a BUSY month for us! As I mentioned, we're moving October 1st. It's also Daniel's kick-off for the youth ministry and he'll be busy planning and running some fun events. Daniel is also eager to have the youth serving others, so once a month they'll be a service night where they will go and serve in the community (LOVE this!)

This past month Daniel, the rest of the Family Ministry Staff, and even some of the students, were busy re-vamping the Youth Room.

Here's the before:

And After (don't mind the horrible quality pictures):

The major projects involved were:
>> tearing out the carpet and painting the floors (including the checkered floor).
>> Replacing the yucky furniture with nice and inviting furniture.
>> Setting up a diner theme, complete with Zellers diner booths.
>> painting the walls (phew, because that old colour made me a bit queasy)
>> Getting a wonderful graffiti artist to create a great design on the wall

One final note: Daniel and I are still support raising. I've mentioned before that Daniel is completing an internship, which means a portion of our salary must come from various sponsors. Our ministry is so important to us, and truly is made possible through these sponsors who have come alongside us and prayed for and financially supported us. We would love if you'd prayerfully consider joining our ministry support team. You can make a tax-deductible, monthly contribution of any denomination. E-mail me at thisrookiewife@gmail.com or Daniel at danieljbell25@gmail.com if you're interested.

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