Alternative Education: Teaching Compassion

When raising our children we are going to be focused on cultivating compassionate and kind-hearted children, rather than focusing on academic and athletic achievement (although these areas will also be encouraged, just not primary).

We want our children to be:
>> actively in opposition to bullying
>> concerned for those less fortunate
>> aware of different families (adoption, single-parent, mixed race, etc)
>> able to articulate their emotions and feelings in a way that is appropriate.
>> aware of global issues such as poverty, and understand God's Command for us to be stewards of our financial gifts.

just to name a few things!

One way that we want to encourage our kids to have compassionate hearts is by having them involved in our sponsor child's life (and hopefully as our income increases, we can also add more sponsor children to our family). There's lots of ways to keep your kids aware of their sponsor child and cultivate compassion in their hearts.

>> have a map in your home and show your child where your sponsor child lives.
>> take out books at the library and read about the country your sponsor child is from.
>> place a picture of your sponsor child on the fridge or in your child's room as a reminder to pray for them.
>> encourage your child to write letters and draw pictures for your sponsor child. Collect stickers and mail them to your sponsor child, or make paper dolls.
>> go on Compassion Canada's site and pray for the children who aren't sponsored yet.

There are still many kids waiting to be sponsored, so if you haven't sponosred a child yet I'd encourage you to pray about it, and check out the Sponsor a Child page on Compassion Canada.

Cesar has been waiting 182-days for a Sponsor.
If you can't sponsor him, please pray that he finds a sponsor soon.

Another fun activity is to take a quiz to find out what your Emotional Intelligence is: here's a fun one here.


  1. funny, i don't think of this as "education" I just think of it as parenting!

  2. Estoy de acuerdo con usted escribió en blog.I también pensaba educación veces ahora cambiado en el world.Now también tenemos buena educación muchos Learning Institute.


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