Get Real: Spiritual Disciplines

Am I the only one that seriously struggles with the major spiritual disciplines?
>> reading my Bible
>> praying
>> family Bible time
just to name a few!

There are tons of spiritual disciplines that I could list, but these are some major areas of my life that I need to be "disciplined" in. I need to surrender my life to God to see him work in my heart and mind continually. The only way to do that is to be connected to Him daily, and the starting point is by being dedicated to prayer and reading scripture.

I know that if I am reading my Bible daily, meditating on his Word throughout the day, and being in constant prayer with God, my heart is much softer and easily transformed to His Will. When I am  not daily in the presence of the Lord I see my life spiral out of control. It is total common sense for the Christian, yet I see myself still struggling to stay disciplined almost constantly.

This is an area of my life that I want the Lord to take control of. I know that I must be pro-active and seek Him to give me the desire, and if not the desire, at least the discipline to remain steadfast in scripture and prayer. This is something I have recently been praying a lot about.

How is it that I have the discipline to write blogs almost daily, but I can miss a morning of quiet time with God so easily? This is totally an issue of sin on my heart. I must find my purpose and joy in God. Period.

I mentioned recently that I've started Beth Moore's study on James. I am seriously thankful that the Lord put it on my heart to buy this Bible Study. It is transforming my daily devotions to the point where I am hungering and thirsting for God's Word. I am engaged in scripture, being transformed by God's Word, and learning so much in the process.

The Beth Moore study is working for me right now. I don't feel guilty that I don't have a bible reading plan right now, and am simply doing the bible study. I am feeding on the Word of God daily, and that is what matters. I'm learning through this process that our quiet time with the Lord will look different at various seasons of our lives. In the past I may have felt like personal devotions needed to look a certain way, but I am learning that this mindset is not godly or helpful for anyone. 

I'm so tired of this battle with my sinful heart over being immersed in my relationship with God.
Shouldn't it be a joy to wake up each morning and have a conversation with my Creator and Saviour? Shouldn't I thirst to read the words that God wrote, words that speak to my heart and soul?
Shouldn't I long to have time with my family each day where we can connect and praise our God?

Yes, we should. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts! What works for you for devotions/prayer/family time?

watch the trailer for the bible study I'm doing:

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