On Your Dedication Day

Dear Penelope,

Today, September 23rd, you were dedicated to the Lord before your church and family. Our belief is that young babies should be dedicated to the Lord, rather than baptized, and we pray that one day when you get older you will choose to be baptized before the church as a sign of your dedication to Christ.

It is such an honour to be your mother and to watch you grow as a little, curious, and bright baby girl. Each day you learn something new and it is wonderful to be a part of your life, moment by moment.

We pray that we will one day get to watch you clasp your hands in prayer and speak your first words to God. We pray that we can one day watch your chubby little finger point out different words in the Bible and read them aloud to us. We pray that we can one day watch you proclaim your love for God, and accept Christ as your Saviour. We pray all these things, because we want to see the love of Christ shine forth in your heart and in your life.

You are so special to us. We will love you unconditionally and cherish you always. I pray that I am a mother that gives you grace and love, and showers you with affection. You are already such a great encouragement to me, and as a little four-month-old, you are teaching me and refining me each and every day.

Thank you little girl, for being such a precious gift in my life. God blessed me so much when he gave me the honour of being your mom.

We love you Penny!


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  1. Beautifully written, Brianna! I was at church this morning and felt my eyes fill with tears as I remember the day our daughters were dedicated to Christ. Now they are in their thirties and each of them loves the Lord. It fills my heart as I read your words of hope for your daughter. And I know that God will honour your desire to see her become a Christ follower as you are!!!


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