Remembering the Two Pink Lines

I totally missed the one-year anniversary of the "two pink lines" day. It was September 7, 2011, the first day of Daniel's final year at Redeemer.

Every month since we'd been married I had taken a pregnancy test, and no, not because we were planning for a child. When I was "late" by a week in September, I told myself to keep waiting. Those pregnancy tests are expensive, and I was positive I'd get my period soon enough.

So, I waited, and I waited. We decided we'd take the test on September 7th after Daniel was done his day at school and I was done my day at work. We only had one test. Daniel was convinced I wasn't pregnant, so he was in the living room while I went to the washroom. I hopped around from one foot to the other, waiting those dreaded minutes until the moment arrived. I don't really think I'm surprising anyone when I say, I wanted to see those two pink lines.

After a few minites, I squealed with shock and excitement as I called Daniel over to see my pee-stick. He just stared at it stunned. He was not expecting to see the two pink lines. We decided to go out for dinner, and pick up some more tests on the way home.

You obviously know what happened the second time. This time it was Daniel hopping from one foot to the other. We were pregnant! Daniel could not get this stunned look off of his face. We took a video of our reactions, something I will probably never show my child for fear that she's think her parents were immature kids oblivious to what they were getting themselves into. Oh wait, that's exactly what we were.

I was terrified of what people would think. I thought our parents were going to kill us because they'd been telling us to "be careful" for the past four months. Daniel was just terrified. Period. We called our parents that night to share the news, and we ended up forgoing the "three month rule" and told a ton of friends and family early.

It was strange for me, to watch the difference the tiny little seed of a baby made. My mom was over the moon, which was a huge shock and joy for me. Daniel's parents and siblings were so excited, and I watched as this little child brought us closer together. Daniel and I drew closer and became more intimate than ever. I puked every. single. day, and Daniel stood by me, serving and helping me. To be honest, I was way more work than this baby has ever been!

On October 20th I announced on this blog the good news! I'd been dying to share with everybody on my blog, even hinting at it when I wrote September Delight, just three days after discovering we were pregnant!

From bumbling and silly newlyweds, we're now excited and amazed parents. It's been four-months that we've been blessed with holding, cuddling, and cherishing our little baby girl. It's been a year that Penelope has been living in our hearts and in our minds. Thank you for the gift that you are little girl!

PS: if you look back at a blog I wrote in October, Penelope's name fits all my requirements!

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  1. haha it's such a surprise at first! I remember when we took the test (we had taken a few before since I was never regular), I took it and was like shaking. I told Wes and he didn't get it at first. haha. All in God's timing:)


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