The Cloth Adventure

This week we started cloth diapering.
Oh Boy.
That's all I have to say.
Check out Pen in her first cloth diaper.
I'm just going to admit something right now.
I'm a quitter.
I quit baseball after excitedly running all the bases, only to discover I'd hit a foul ball.
I quit field hockey when I realized that all the girls were bigger, better, and older than me.
I quit ballet because, well...it's ballet.
I'm determined not to be a quitter this time.
I'm not going to lie. I hate this.
It sucks.
I hate having more laundry.
I hate not knowing how to change my almost 4-month-olds diaper.
I hate constantly checking her diaper to see if she's leaked..again.
I hate this. It sucks.
But, I know that it will get better.
I will find the diaper that works for her.
I will figure out how to wash them too.
Oh, and I'll even figure out how to put them on.
So far, Done with Disposables is the best brand I have.
They work the best and I really like them.
But, I only have two!
So, we're taking this one day at a time.
One diaper at a time.
How did you feel when you first tried cloth diapers?
PS: Pen officially needs a bra.


  1. Hey Brianna! The family that I nannied for uses cloth diapers. I hated them too! They used the baby G brand. She leaked alll the time, and I hated having to slosh around the poop off the insert before putting it into the smelly water bucket they kept the inserts in prior to washing. But I eventually got the hang of it and worked out tricks for avoiding leaks. I eventually got used to them and didn't mind them by the end - but it was still a relief whenever we went out because that's when I used disposables! You can doooooo it! Just stick tooooooo it! hahahah! :) Maybe a different brand would fit her lovely beautiful chunky monkey self better and help avoid the leaks?

    1. Hey Miranda! Thanks for your comment and feeling my pain! It's probably worse when it's not your own kid too. The only reason we're doing it is to save money, which also may be why I'm slightly more irritated than most people.

      We found one brand we really like but we only have two diapers in that brand! lol! So we're basically just using these two diapers and slowly, slowly building up our stash!

  2. I used cloth for our three of ours. Living in residence. Sharing washers/dryers with the building. I am sure I was very popular. We were broke students and it was WAY cheaper so I just did it :)

    You will survive. I promise!


  3. I have nothing to offer in the way of advice about cloth diapers, but I laughed out loud at Penny needing a bra!!!
    She's too cute!!

  4. I just wrote a post about this too! www.littlebandofcharacters.com - I'd say I feel... "disillusioned". You think it's supposed to be this amazing thing but it's just not!

  5. Hey Brianna! We got serious about cloth diapering when our oldest was around 10-11 months old. We watched several "Day in the Life of a Cloth Diapering Mom" videos on Youtube to gain inspiration. We are still cloth diapering over a year later! We use Bum Genius brand. We've found it's the best quality and great at preventing leaks. The only reason our oldest's would leak is because he's a SUPER heavy wetter.

    I encourage to get into a rhythm that works for you. We have a trash can that we designated our diaper pail and bought 2 diaper pail washable bags online from planetwise.com to rotate between washes. We use normal detergent and do a cold pre-rinse to get any extra gross things out, a hot wash and a hot post-rinse to make sure they're rinsed and clean. It sounds overwhelming, but it's not. It's easy to get the hang of and saves you money in the long run. We also use cloth wipes. It took some getting used to, but now I prefer them to disposable wipes.

    Best of Luck!

    P.S. We use disposables while out running errands. Our boys' poops make me cringe at the thought of dealing with those in a public restroom...haha!

    1. Hi Sam thank you SO MUCH for your very very helpful comment!! Right now we just have a medium sized wet bag that I'm using but I may go the route that you went, it sounds like it makes lots of sense! Thanks also for letting me know how you wash. I'm debating washing them by hand just at the start..I just feel like it will save me money on detergent since you can use way less. So we'll see how that goes!

      I'm also using cloth wipes. I just use a face cloth but I may end up buying real reusable wipes eventually. I just use disposables for big poops and going out now! :)

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  6. Hey Brianna! I'm so glad my comment could help you :) You are a brave woman for contemplating hand washing those cloth diapers! We literally use WAY less detergent than what is "recommended" for regular clothes load sizes because too much detergent can decrease absorbability in the diapers.

    That's great that you've been using cloth wipes! We honestly just use baby washcloths. I like them a lot better than the actual "cloth wipes" that are out there because they're cheaper and the washcloths are bigger. Bigger = better surface area coverage haha and less contact with poop.

    It sounds like you have it under control. You can do this! :)

    1. P.S. Sorry about the removed comment above, it was the same thing I said here, but under the wrong profile :)

    2. Hi Samantha, thanks again for the encouragement! I find with cloth diapering I need all the support that I can get!! :)

      We also use washcloths, and hearing your feedback makes me feel better. At first I thought I was doing something "wrong" by not buying expensive cloth wipes, but we have SO many face cloths I didn't want to buy more!! Now I'll just save my money and stick with the face cloths!

  7. She is just so so so cute Bri... :) Too bad I cant participate a lot when it comes to "mama" topics... :) Make sure you know Im always around! xxx

  8. Brianna,

    Are you still clothe diapering? Could you update us on your journey so far?

    1. I did a whole cloth diaper series in October 2012, here is the round-up link:

      and yes! we're still doing cloth! :) I'll try to post an update soon! :)


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