A Quick Update

We are officially moved in, completely unpacked, and almost settled! Daniel and I unpack quickly since we hate that feeling of transition when you first move.

This was me about 5 minutes ago:

Writing a blog at Coffee Cultures, because we don't have a desk and our wifi isn't the greatest.

I have lots of great blogs lined up, that I have been writing in my head as I unpack my kitchen, figure out the dishwasher, feed my monkey mashed carrots, and organize our bookshelf.

Stay tuned for a week-long series on the adventures of cloth diapering, with two great giveaways. Plus, some posts on cheap decorating, organizing for a smaller home, and some pictures of our new place. I'm also planning on writing some raw and real posts about marriage and motherhood.

Have a wonderful week, and happy October! I bought a pot of Mums for our front porch and some gourds already, so pumped that it's Fall!

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