Chasing Your Dreams

I'm sure every body can think of at least one dream, or ambition that they have. 

I have tons of ambitions, but one of my major hopes is to one day be a published author. I haven't done too much to chase that dream yet, and my personal aspirations are on hold while I spend most of my waking hours meeting the needs of my five-month-old. However, it's always really special to watch someone that you know achieve their dreams, especially when you hope to be in their shoes one day too!

Shelly Calcagno is a really special woman who I have met recently. She's actually my husband's boss, but I swear that's not why I'm writing this post! Shelly is the Family Ministries Director at our church, Compass Point, and also a recently published author. It has been incredible to watch her as she chases this dream of hers! 

Shelly's book Tini's Tangles is a hilarious children's book about a little girl named Tini, who hates having her hair brushed. One day her mom tells her that she's on her own, and you'll just have to read the book to find out what happens next! I've read the book a few times already to Penny, and it is definitely a book I'll be reaching for on our bookshelf for many years to come!

I seriously don't know many mothers and daughters who won't be able to relate to this story! Reading about Tini just reminded me of all those mornings that my mother would brush my hair, and I would scream and wriggle and fight to be left alone. I'm assuming that the same routine will continue once I start brushing Penny's hair. 

Thank you Shelly for inspiring me to chase my dreams, and showing all your friends and family that with enough hard work and determination, our dreams really can come true!

You can purchase a copy of Tini's Tangles on Indigo's website. You can also see Shelly on Saturday, October 27 at Indigo Burlington for a book signing from 1:00 - 4:00pm.

Shelly with her book, buy it here.

Now it's your turn! Tell me what your wildest dream is!

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