For Penelope

When I was a little girl I always loved looking at my baby books. My mom kept a couple of baby books, and even one book that captured my school years from kindergarten to eighth grade. I loved looking at the pictures of me as a little five-year-old, all the way to an awkward thirteen-year-old. I loved reading about the first foods I ate, the first steps I took, and the first words I said. It was all captured in the precious books my mom kept for me.

I want to capture the memories I have with Penelope, just as my mom did for me. I bought a pregnancy book and wrote in it, for at least my first and second trimester. I bought a baby book too, and have struggled to keep up with it. It's somewhere on our bookshelf, and I have a hard time remembering to take it out and document whatever needs documenting.

I feel bad, that I can't even keep up with a simple baby book for my first child. What does this mean for my second, third, and perhaps even fourth child?

But then I remember this blog. Maybe baby books are something of the past, before blogs and the Internet were around. One day Penelope will sit at our family computer, click on my blog's history...searching for May 2012...June 2012...etc. She will read the entries I wrote just after she was born. She'll be able to experience what I'm experiencing right now, and I know that she'll find these posts special. 

Maybe Pen, you're reading this now as a grown-up girl...or a little girl just learning to read. 

I want you to know that you love pears, they're your favourite, right now. 
I want you to know that at your last doctor's appointment, you didn't even cry when you received your shots...we were so proud of our tough girl! 
I want you to know that you love kisses and cuddles. Your daddy and I smother your chubby cheeks in kisses while you grin and sit still, loving the attention and affection.
I want you to know that you have always been loved and cherished. Your mom and dad, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles are all so mesmerized by you. You have us all wrapped around your little finger.

Maybe Penelope's baby book will remain unfinished. Maybe I'll forget to document the first day she rolled over (it was around three months), or the first day she ate solids (it was around four months). But I know Pen will have the words I write here to cherish forever, and for me, that's enough. I hope it's enough for her too.

Pen today, 10/24/2012
It was such a warm day today, so we drove to The Junction in Toronto...AKA Little Malta


  1. Oh my goodness Brianna, you have such a way with words!! That was so emotionally charged, and so beautiful. Your daughter will be so proud to read everything that you have written for her.

  2. I miss her already :(
    I can't sleep at night any more with out my night time cuddles with pen


  3. Brianna, this is lovely. Your daughter will definitely appreciate that you're preserving these memories for her, in whatever form.

    I can't believe how cute Penelope is!! She just seems to get more and more beautiful as time passes.


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