Controlling Our Emotions: Not So Easy Is It?

The past few weeks I have been struggling with, repenting over, and even enjoying some victories in an important area of my life. This is an area that I believe most people, especially women, struggle with from time to time. Can you guess what it is?

It’s….my emotions!

What first time mother, with a six-month-old, and a busy husband, and new home, isn’t an emotional wreck? I know I could easily excuse my emotional mood swings, and my tendency to go from joy-filled to morose in a matter of minutes, but I’m so done with making excuses for myself.

The truth is that I want to be freed from being controlled by my emotions. I want to think before I speak, and consider what I am feeling and the validity of my change in mood. I want to have a renewed and restored mind, a sense of peace, even when things don’t go right all the time. The best part is that I know it is possible to be victorious over my emotions.

Here are some examples of situations where my emotions can take a turn for the worse.
>> The baby is screaming, and the husband is not home from work yet, and I accidentally burned our dinner.
>> I’m at the mall and decide to separate from Daniel to do our own shopping. Only, I realize later that I’ve forgotten my cell and now I can’t find him.
>> I’ve had a great day, but it’s 10:00 at night and I’m exhausted and the baby just won’t sleep.

Some practical ways that I overcome my emotional mood swings are:
>> take a deep and “cleansing” breath
>> Pray and surrender to the Lord the emotions that are challenging me. Repent if you need to.
>> Be practical. What do I need to do to fix this? Is the dinner burned? What can I do to salvage it or make something quick instead? Can we just give ourselves grace and grab some fast food, or is that a bad habit we need to break?
>> If someone that you trust is around, talk through your emotions. Share that you’re struggling with suddenly feeling a bit low, and share specifically why.
>> Take a moment and either say aloud, write down, or simply think of a couple things you are grateful for. Try to focus on things you’re thankful for that happened that day specifically.
>> Ask yourself if your negative emotions are truly valid. Sometimes things happen that SHOULD grieve us. Give yourself time to feel and process these emotions. However, a lot of the time these negative emotions are rooted in ungratefulness and selfishness. If that’s the case, work through that instead.

Releasing the control of my emotions is something that will likely be a lifelong process, however, it’s so important for me to daily surrender to the Lord rather than my wishy-washy feelings for the day. Remaining anchored in the Lord means that I will less likely be moved by something as silly as spilled milk (literally, or figuratively). 

Do you struggle with controlling your emotions? What do you do to avoid being Moody Judy?


  1. Thanks, this was really helpful. Especially now, it's hard not to let emotions dictate how and what I'm doing, and how I react.

    1. No problem Sharon. Praying for you girl! You have a right to those emotions right now.

  2. Hey Brianna thanks for posting this. My husband and I have a 2 year old, a 1 year old and I'm 32 weeks pregnant with our third little boy. Needless to say my emotions have been all over the place. I appreciate the practical insight you listed to help take back control of our emotions. It can be easy to forget that we can have control and honor the Lord with our emotions. Something I try to do to avoid being so moody is making sure I get enough sleep. I've found that it is much easier for me to handle my emotions when I get enough rest.

    1. Hi Samantha...wow you are certainly busy, and I'm sure pregnancy brings its own added hormones and emotions as well!! I think you're so right, getting a good eight hours minimum sleep is wonderful and totally helps (as well as having a nap or rest during the day too).

  3. great post, love the ideas to control our emotions and your thoughts on the issue.
    for the dinner conundrum, if fast food is a habit you want to break, there's always "breakfast for dinner". We do that a lot of dinner ends up a flop or I just don't have time to cook. omelets and cereal is filling and healthy and free :)

  4. Thx Em! We have been getting better with the whole "going out to eat" too much habit. Im going to write a post soon on how to curb that bad habit, and I'll have to include your little tip. Unfortunately, Daniel HATES breakfast food. Every morning he says "I'm hungry...there's nothing to eat." Meanwhile, we have toast, eggs, cereal, oatmeal. He's not a picky eater except when it comes to b-fast! Oh well! I recently got a slow cooker for dinner, and I find it's a great option when you're busy or just dont feel like cooking that day! :)

  5. Re reading some posts. This past day or two I have definitely been all over the place. I needed this. Thanks


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