Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

Christmas is a time for thankfulness, joy, giving, forgiveness, kindness, and love. Christmas is a time where we gather around our friends and family and find comfort in being with our loved ones.

We sing special songs. We bake special treats. We stuff ourselves with coma-inducing turkey. We give precious gifts, some costing a fortune, and others costing nothing but our time and our love (those are the best ones!) We put up trees and holly and string popcorn and even sometimes blindingly tacky lights. 

Christmas is a day that we all anticipate. Each day, we count down until that one special day. Christmas.

Tomorrow I pray that amid the joy, gratitude, kindness, and generosity, you remember one thing. Remember to receive. Receive the love of Christ, the gift of God's son, and the forgiveness that he offers. Christmas is not just a day for perfectly wrapped presents and deliciously moist turkey. Christmas is a day where we remember, honour, and give glory to the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. It's a day where we celebrate the greatest gift, given to all mankind. A perfect baby, who would grow to be a perfect man, and die the most gruesome death, a gift for us all. 

I pray the Christmas spirits lasts year round. That our daily lives would be to give glory to Jesus, and never forget to receive his grace and love. 

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  1. Thank you for the reminder...and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you as well!


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