The (not so secret) Life of Penelope

I realize that I haven't posted many pictures or talked much about Penelope in a little while. She is with me all day, and I guess I just forget that most people don't get to see her grow and change each day like I get too.

Let me just say, my little Pen is a huge blessing in my life. Each day I pray over her, and thank the Lord for giving me the honour to raise this beautiful girl. She is happy (almost) all the time. She is just like her Daddy in so many ways. She is very easy-going, laughs easily, loves to play, has a ton of energy, and is always moving. She is rolling over, sitting (sort of), has two of her bottom teeth, and a lot of blonde hair that is starting to curl a bit.

Last week I decided to keep my camera with me all day and capture a day in the life of Penelope. I considered posting our specific schedule, but decided against it to avoid the pitfalls of comparison (I do it, so I'm assuming others do to!)

So, here is just a regular Wednesday in our lives.

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  1. Thanks for Penny's day! I get such a smile listening to Daniel brag (and love) on her and now to see your pics, I have a ways better picture of how she blesses you each minute she's awake!!


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